eFORMz for JDA Direct Commerce

Minisoft's forms and label generation solution, optimized for the multi-channel retail environment

Output Flexiblity

Distribute customer-facing documents via print, fax, and email, or send it to an archive

Platform Independent

Runs on any operating system

Eliminate Pre-Printed Forms

With its versatile design tool, eFORMz can eliminate any pre-printed form


Forms Library

Shorten implementation times with our JDA Direct Commerce forms library

Printer Support

Use printers which support PCL, PostScript, ZPL and a variety of other printer languages

Smart Forms

Conditionally change logos and branding based on your JDA Direct Commerce output

Database Connectivity

Provides read & write access to Eloquence, Oracle, SQL Server and other databases


Sell more with every package you ship, using our special DuplexPackSlip® laser form


Forms Library