Output Management

Forms, labels, emails and a whole lot more
eFORMz is a powerful forms generation solution for formatting, personalizing and delivering application output. eFORMz takes standard print output from a software application system and transforms it into attractive, functional forms that can be distributed via print, email, an archive provider and/or a fax server. eFORMz can also populate forms directly from a corporate database.
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eDIRECT+ transforms generic, plain-text event-triggered email into highly branded and personalized messages. These messages are capable of driving incremental revenue through relevant cross and up-sell offers. eDIRECT+ extends the business logic of your existing e-commerce or ERP system to dynamically create specialized messages that properly reflect your company’s identity.
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activeFORMz is a new platform for creating form-based applications that extend the capabilities of eFORMz. Create web apps, that transform static documents and workflows into dynamic, interactive environments by leveraging web browser functionality all without the need for complex programming.
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The eFORMz Document Viewer allows vendors and customers to correspond using documents produced by eFORMz, Minisoft’s electronic forms product.

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The host-based network print spooler that extends HP e3000, Unix, and Windows NT spooling to networked printers.

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