Minisoft’s New CRM Application gives Sales and Services Teams a Competitive Edge
SNOHOMISH, Wash.—November 26, 2012—Minisoft Inc., a leading provider of forms generation, transactional email, CRM and legacy connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce  the release of Touchpoint, a new customer relationship management application built with Minisoft’s Active Forms.

Designed for retailers and manufacturers with a strong customer service focus, Touchpoint centralizes customer service requests, allowing companies to manage inbound emails, web form inquiries, share knowledge, and resolve customer issues. In addition, Touchpoint centralizes the service history of each customer, providing a detailed view of customer requests and responses. Case management metrics via the dashboard allow managers to monitor how cases are handled and escalate issues to ensure customer satisfaction. Touchpoint also leverages the power of Minisoft’s eDirect+ transactional email solution to handle inbound email processing, which allows support organizations to better manage customer support requests through information sharing and routing. With inbound email processing, users can create rules for inbound e-mails and automatically assign cases to the right customer support representative. As an alternative, Touchpoint supports web form requests for handling customer inquiries. It also has a knowledge base which helps customer support teams better manage and share structured and unstructured information. The knowledge base allows users to create frequently asked questions (FAQs), manage files, and search and rate content – all in an easy-to-use interface.

Touchpoint is powered by Minisoft Active Forms, which is used by Touchpoint to store customer messages, send email responses to customers, and provide web content. Active Forms is a development tool for building form-based applications and web services. Minisoft’s Active Forms integrates with and extends Minisoft’s forms generation and transactional email products, such as eFORMz and eDirect+. Touchpoint users can take advantage of the powerful formatting and processing abilities of Minisoft Active Forms to design their own interactive forms fill-in applications. Once built, these applications can be deployed in a standard web browser or used with Minisoft’s eReader content viewer.

About Minisoft

Headquartered in Snohomish, Washington, Minisoft is a worldwide leader in developing and delivering forms and label generationtransactional email and CRM solutions. Minisoft also produces connectivity and middleware tools for legacy business systems such as IBM iSeries and Hewlett Packard. Since 1983, Minisoft has prided itself on providing innovative software technology. Driven by the experiences and feedback of our customers, Minisoft continues to affirm its mission of delivering superior software solutions.

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